In this video, we're going to be looking at how to edit points inside Houdini. We look at making selections with Select Visible Geometry Only toggled on/off, and use Soft Edit Radius to get a falloff in our selection when we move the points. In the edit SOP, you can enable Use Mirror to select and do symmetrical edits to your geometry. Additionally, there are Handle options that give you access to the different orientation of the transform gizmo (World/Object/View/Component) so that you can move and rotate your selections accordingly. There is also the Toggle Peak Handle option, which allows you to move your selections on their respective normals. Oh yes, for the last thing, we use the Brush Handle in the Deform and Smooth mode, to relax some geometry.



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  • OneBigTree 4 years ago  | 

    Absolute numerical transform input for components in world, object or parent space?

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