Learn how to create a flowmap using the new Flow Map tools in Houdini. You will see how control the flowmap velocities by using terrain geometry, a curve, and also how to manually comb it if you wish for more specific control. Then export the mesh geo, bake out the flowmap, and assemble your riverbed in Unreal Engine.

You can download the scene data seen in the video here! It includes an annotated .hip, textures (.tga) and .fbx files.

Software Builds Used

Houdini 16.5.268
Unreal Engine 4.17



Andreas has spent a third of his life as a VFX artist in the games industry working on games of all shapes and sizes. From gritty explosions in Battlefield 1 to whacky powerups in Disney Universe He recently realized that there is a despicable lack of educational material for realtime vfx so he decided to try and do something about it. In both his work and tutorials he strives to live by KISS (Keep It Simple, Stupid). Finding simple solutions to hard problems has become an addiction and it's the reason he's neck deep in Houdini. He's currently freelancing for some of the biggest names in both games and VR.

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  • ztyqaz111 12 months ago  | 

    nice job~

  • Enivob 12 months ago  | 

    Nice overview, thanks!

  • Alfredo _ Brite Bone 12 months ago  | 

    is a beautiful tutorial !!
    I followed at minute 8:55 where are the tool " sop_create_flowmap1" but my apprentice version does not have it tool, it is not in this version, it hurts me, but I admire each Houdini minute : )


    • andreas.glad 12 months ago  | 

      Hey Alfredo! Are you running 16.5? If so, find the games tool shelf. It will be nearly empty. There will be one button called update toolshelf. If you click that it will download and install the tools for you. Let me know if that's still not working for you.

  • Alfredo _ Brite Bone 12 months ago  | 

    yes! and I already found it, I'll continue it right nooow, thanks : )

    • andreas.glad 12 months ago  | 

      Awesome! :)

  • Alfredo _ Brite Bone 12 months ago  | 

    thank you Andreas, until 18:40 I arrived.
    the rest is no longer Houdini and I have no experience, but thank you very much because I am still learning in progress in many things : )

    • andreas.glad 12 months ago  | 

      Good job getting that far!

      If you are interested, you can download Unreal for free and continue. My example files are included so you will be able to follow the rest of the tutorial even if you can´t export from apprentice.

  • Alfredo _ Brite Bone 12 months ago  | 

    Yes, I watched a few more minutes about and it's something else and a software interesting, I appreciate you helping me move forward, and is ok, maybe I'll.

    also on Pinterest, here, and in a couple of other sites more there are tutorials of Houdini for keep on : )

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