FX intern Yuqing Chen gives an introduction to Solaris in Houdini 18 and guide us through several examples such as the process of preparing assets, setting variants, and physical editing. 

Bar scene: sidefx.com/contentlibrary/bar-scene

Apologies for the missing mouse capture, as it was accidentally disabled during the recording of the live presentation. 
Since Yuqing is a native Mandarin speaker, you can also view the Mandarin-language below:

陈宇青是SideFX的视觉特效实习生,他将对Houdini 18版本中的新模块Solaris进行介绍,并演示如何在Solaris中为数字资产做准备工作,创建variants,以及使用物理式编辑功能。Bar scene: sidefx.com/contentlibrary/bar-scene


  • Daryl Dunlap 3 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

    Thanks so much for this content. I really learned alot about USD workflows.

  • pixeltrain 3 months, 1 week ago  | 

    Thanks, great one!

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