Vex Foundations I is the perfect course for anyone who is fairly new to learning vex!  This course aims to make the learning process much easier by teaching the subject in a way that combines three things:  Theory, Application, and Practice.  

To start things off, we'll start with some of the over-all ideas behind vex and why it matters to us with Houdini.  Once this is established, we'll then create a particle effect that utilizes vex in a practical way so that you can get an idea of how these things apply to a production-based scenario.  

Finally, the last portion of the course is dedicated towards a wide variety of exercises that help you practice vex in a way that truly solidifies the main ideas and prepares you for more complex tasks in the future.

Be sure to visit for the full course along with the first couple lessons which are available for free.  Thanks for watching!



Hey, I'm Tyler Bay - 3D Artist, teacher, and owner of I aim to make tutorials that are thorough, accessible, and straight to the point.

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  • BabaJ 11 months ago  | 

    If I may suggest a tutorial in the future based on an extension of this one.

    I have a number of approaches with wrangles and vex code - like VEXpressions, node presets, and tucking functions away in a textfile and referring them to them with #include<> in the wrangle.

    However, even though I have a little experience with compiling c console programs and even after going through some of the Houdini docs/examples of the HDK;

    I haven't been able to create functions through the HDK that let's me use those functions in VEX.

    Although I am sure there are some good points in this video I might benefit from, I am overall somewhat proficient in using VEX.

    I've done another tutorial you made and like how you structure them. Your teaching methods are clear.

    So if you at some point think about doing a tutorial based on vex and the HDK, you've got a customer here.

    • tbay312 11 months ago  | 

      Hey BabaJ,

      Thanks for the great suggestion. I'll keep that in mind for a future tutorial. Right now I've been designing courses in a way that help people build skills from the ground up, so I imagine this one might be a little too beginner-ish for your taste. But down the road I plan on upping the difficulty, and that would be a perfect thing to explore.


      - Tyler

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