Ary and the Secret of Seasons

Posted Nov. 23, 2017

Meet eXiin – a talented Brussels-based indie games team, and the creators of the upcoming title 'Ary and the Secret of Seasons' – a 3D action-adventure puzzle game for PC and console.

Learn how they use Houdini's procedural workflow for tools and techniques they use to create a rich world with a wide variety of content and characters.

Workflow Overview

Take a closer look at the tools and technology being used to create 'Ary and the Secret of Seasons' with Kwanbo Kim, eXiin's Lead Artist. Kwanbo will demonstrate some of the tricks they've utilized to bring content generated in Houdini over to Unity via Houdini Engine in order to populate the landscape of their game with rich, diverse content. Some of the examples he will show you include trees, stairs, character rigging & animation, and more.