Posted May 13, 2019

SideFX is bringing the Houdini HIVE to Paris on June 4, 2019 with presentations by both industry professionals and SideFX technical experts. Join us at the HIVE to discover how studios use Houdini's procedural software to create content for film, television, games, and more!


ISART Digital

Paris 60 Boulevard Richard Lenoir
Paris, France

Doors open at 12:30 PM



Studios looking to meet with SideFX during this event can make arrangements directly with your SideFX Account Executive or contact us at




1:00 PM

From Motion to Emotion

Niels Prayer

1:30 PM

Houdini Crowds at MPC

Mikael Pettersén | MPC

2:30 PM

Creative ways of using Houdini for Motion Graphics

Maxime Hacquard

3:00 PM

Building Worlds with Houdini

Benoit Martinez | Ubisoft

4:00 PM

Houdini Oceans

Jeff Wagner | SideFX

4:30 PM

Houdini as the best software for 3D Grooming

Andriy Bilichenko

5:30 PM

Houdini & 3D / Surface Scanning Workflows

Paul Parneix | Unit Image

6:00 PM

Hair Simulation Workflow

Achraf Ayadi, Laura Guerreiro & Arthur Loiseau

Note: All Presentations will be recorded where permissions allow. 


1:00 PM  |  From Motion to Emotion
Through a retrospective of several works he did and more recent ones, Niels describes his way of thinking about image, the importance of sound, and how he's using Houdini in different ways, from pure motion design to more art projects integrated with his piano works.

Niels Prayer

Niels Prayer is a French designer and director. Working in the industry since 2013 as an FX Supervisor first, he has slowly moved to motion graphics through the years and start to build a strong visual identity with a minimalist aesthetic and a poetic storytelling. As a musician too, he has implemented what he's learned through his classical musical formation into his approach of making visual content, always looking for a powerful mood and a very high sense of surrealism. 

1:30 PM  |  Houdini Crowds at MPC
Mikael talks about how and why the crowd department at MPC started to use Houdini. He will also present a case study of The Nutcracker and The Four Realms which was the department’s biggest Houdini show to date.

Mikael Pettersén  | MPC

Mikael Pettersén is a Lead Crowd Technical Director at MPC London and has worked on projects such as Guardians of The Galaxy, Ready Player One and the Oscar-winning The Jungle Book. He has been in the visual effects industry for the last 12 years, started out as a generalist in commercials and later switched over to film. He is also the author of Crowds for Feature Film in Houdini 1 & 2 and is running the Houdini blog Short & Sweet 3D.  

2:30 PM  |  Creative ways of using Houdini for Motion Graphics
Maxime will display how to take advantage of Houdini for creating 3D motion design. It will be focused on its simplest use for fast and efficient results.

Maxime Hacquard

Maxime Hacquard is a Mhsprod Director and founder of the Motion Designers Community.

3:00 PM  |  Building Worlds with Houdini
Working on the Ghost Recon franchise, Benoit and his team developed around Houdini an innovative and dedicated toolchain to shape the world and produce a wide variety of environments. This lecture will describe the techniques and technology behind this work and how they gave the artists the right tools to control large scale landscapes and small details. He’ll explain the procedural approach they adopted to create terrain, roads, forests, rivers and settlements, and how all those tools are connected to each other. He'll provide an overview of the tools and also the dedicated Houdini pipeline developed over years to create AAA game environments at Ubisoft Paris.

Benoit Martinez | Ubisoft

Benoit Martinez started in the video game industry in 1999, since then he's been lead artist, art director and technical director. In 2011 he joined Ubisoft Paris and he introduced Houdini in production. Since then he worked on Ghost Recon : Wildlands (2017) and on the newly announced Ghost Recon : Breakpoint. Benoit is in charge of the environment team and the procedural team, working on both content and tools to create rich and detailed open worlds.

4:00 PM  |  Houdini Oceans
Jeff takes you through the basics of oceans in Houdini - including small and large ocean tools, guided ocean simulations, white water, and more.

Jeff Wagner | SideFX

Jeff "Old School" Wagner has been a part of the SideFX Software support team from the early days of PRISMS leading up to today's Houdini. Over the years he has accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge and insight and is regarded by many as a true Houdini Guru. If you've encountered him online or watched one of the tutorials then now is the opportunity to meet him in person.

4:30 PM  |  Houdini as the best software for 3D grooming
Andriy will introduce the procedural features of building a hair system for a lion. He will explain why grooming artists do not need to try to recreate the usual methods of grooming, known to them from other 3D packages. He will show procedural methods of forming hairstyles for human characters and introduce some tricks and tips.

Andriy Bilichenko

Andriy Bilichenko is a 3D and 2D freelance artist.

5:30 PM  |  Houdini & 3D / Surface Scanning Workflows
3D and surface scanning solutions are more and more accesible for games and VFX studios, but crafting a production-ready asset from a raw scan can be quite challenging. Paul will share his expertise on photogrammetry and photommetric-stereo techniques, and show how Houdini can help at different steps of the workflow to make things easier in the scope of building production ready assets. He'll also show how the new Houdini PDG system can be used to run and unify the different steps of the pipeline.

Paul Parneix | Unit Image

Paul Parneix is a Sr FX Artist and Technical Artist at Unit Image. After studying Biology at the university, he moved to Paris to learn VFX. He started to work as a generalist artist and quickly moved to FX. He joined the Unit Image team 4 years ago and worked on projects like trailers for God of War and Beyond Good and Evil 2. On the side of his FX job, he learned Python / C++ and participated in the development of a full-body and facial photogrammetry rig for Scan Engine, a 3D Scanning studio created by Unit Image. He also developed techniques and rigs for surface scanning using photometric-stereo and photogrammetry.

6:00 PM  |  Hair Simulation Workflow
We will speak about Unit Image and our Hair FX pipeline.

Achraf Ayadi | Unit Image

Achraf Ayadi is a FX Supervisor, with a Master Degree from Paris 8 (ATI) and started an internship at Unit Image. After switching between studios in Paris and one year at Framestore in London, he finally came back to Unit Image as a FX Supervisor. 

Laura Guerreiro | Unit Image

Laura Guerreiro is a FX artist/CFX artist, after joining the Unit Image crew four years ago, Laura started as a character artist and soon after joined the FX team. Working back and forth between both departments from one production to another, she also developed an interest in CFX and participated in the creation and development of the hair simulation tool for the studio. 


Arthur Loiseau | Unit Image

Arthur Loiseau is a FX Technical Director & Developer, he joined UNIT IMAGE in 2015 as an FX Artist and Developer, switching between both roles. Today as an FX TD he develops the tools that are used by the FX team every day in their work.