SideFX Partners with Unity

Posted June 20, 2019

SideFX is pleased to join a select group of best-in-class products in the Unity Verified Solutions Partner program. 

By combining two of the world's leading content creation platforms, artists and developers can get the benefit of Houdini's procedural workflows in the Unity development environment.

Unity Verified Solutions Partners
Verified Solutions Partners represent a collection of 3rd-party SDKs, plugins, editor applications, cloud services, and more that enable the success of creative projects, while ensuring deeper technical alignment with partners’ products and services to ensure 0% developer downtime. The SideFX-Unity partnership includes a verification process, designed to ensure Houdini is optimized for the latest version of Unity, including the Long-Term Support (LTS) release. The testing is conducted on an ongoing basis with the latest Unity releases, so developers can always be sure the verified solutions work with the latest version of Unity.

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In Houdini, all geometry and its associated information are stored in ‘nodes’, which are wired together into networks. These networks become a flow of data, and allow artists to make changes at any stage in the network at any time. Networks can be wrapped up into single nodes called Houdini Digital Assets, which can be shared with colleagues and – in conjunction with Houdini Engine – loaded into other 3D apps, including Unity. Any parameters added to the asset are available for editing, and handles can be set up in the viewport for interactive manipulation. Changes made to the core asset, even deep into production, can update all instances of the asset.

Learn how it works in the presentation below:


  • anon_user_89100986 5 years ago  | 

    So does this mean it would be better for me to switch to using unity instead of unreal. I'm not a game developer, I'm using unreal to create short films and Houdini is my weapon of choice.

    • chrishebert 5 years ago  | 

      We're still 100% developing for and supporting our Unreal integrations!...

      • EricSheng 5 years ago  | 

        But there's still no PDG for Unreal in Houdini Engine, while Unity gets the function several months before.

        • noc2 5 years ago  | 

          Definitely! That seems to be the sad truth as of yet. I do hope that Sidefx's choice to partner with Unity won't gear toward the more 'exclusive' realm.

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