Houdini 19.0 Character KineFX

Transitioning from KineFX v18.5 to v19

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In an effort to clarify and simplify the design of KineFX, we have replaced or changed the names of several KineFX nodes in Houdini v19.

This page lists all the changes that may impact you if you are using KineFX rigs or retargeting networks that were created in Houdini v18.5.

Renamed nodes

  • The Re-Orient Joints SOP node has been renamed to Orient Joints

  • The Reparent Joints SOP node has been renamed to Parent Joints.

  • The Full Body IK Configure Joints SOP node has been renamed to Configure Joints.

Modified node behavior

  • The Rig Match Pose SOP Scene Transform options did not behave as we intended for Houdini v18.5, so we updated their behavior in Houdini v19.0 to make it feel right. We also added a row of automatic checks to the SyncNodeVersion script to help fix any v18.5 scenes that might break due to this change. However, in cases where this automatic fix is not enough, you can replicate the faulty v18.5 behavior by turning off the Set Pivot from Bounds parameter and inverting the values of the Scene Translate, Scene Rotate, and Scene Uniform Scale parameters.

Deprecated nodes


Procedural Rigging


Animation Retargeting