What is Houdini Engine Indie?

Houdini Engine Indie is a non-graphical version of Houdini-Indie.

  • Does not open the Indie interface.
  • Run command-line renders or simulations on remote render machines.
  • A plugin to load Houdini Digital Assets (HDAs) within Maya, 3dsMax, Unreal, Unity and C4D.
  • Install on a machine without Houdini Indie licenses.
  • Max 3 Engine Indie licenses per account. This means you may run Engine Indie on 3 farm machines.

The Houdini Engine Indie license is in three parts:

  • 1 Houdini Engine Indie - unlock the plugin
  • 1 Renderer (Indie/Apprentice) - render with Mantra
  • 1 Karma (Indie/Apprentice) - render with Karma

Houdini Engine Pipeline