houdini on linux quad core

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I'm running houdini on a linux machine with quad core.
When I look at the processors houdini uses just one of the quad for cooking up the timeline. Mantra is oke and uses all processors.

Why houdini just uses one when he is cooking the timeline ? and not all 4 processors from the quad core.

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Houdini's cooking process is not fully multi-threaded (yet).
However, DOPs use multi-core quite well with fluids.
You should also have a look at the “VOP SOP” in SOP. it handles data in a SIMD way ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SIMD [en.wikipedia.org] ) and can access point clouds too
So it will use all your cores if you have enough data to process.
You can also create VEX geometry operators ( same as VOP SOP, but purely code based instead of using VOPS )
To note also, POPs are not multi-threaded, but you can use VEX in POPs with the “VOP POP” node.

Feel free to add more multi-core tricks if you know any
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