Wait too long for being reviewed

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It's been over one week since I posted my FREE asset on Orbolt.
I send a message yesterday to Orbolt support but get no response..
I personally think that it is not normal to wait that long for a modest shared free asset.

Is it normal to wait so long time before asset being reviewed ?
Does someone had the same experience ?
Don't you think that this can become an obstacle to sharing within the users community ?

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If you are just looking for a review why not post it in the WIP forum on odForce [forums.odforce.net]?

I rarely visit Orbolt because the site seems dead and full of old content. There are a few nice examples there, however.

Even this official site for SideFX seems to be ignored by the company. That is why you see spam ads lingering for days because no one is actually monitoring or assigned to take care of this site.

You'd think they would just have an intern assigned for tasks like this?

“Yo Joey, get me some coffee and remove those dang spam ads on the forum.”
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Hi Enivob ! Thanks for your response !

The fact is the review is indispensable to make an asset visible to others (on orbolt). And I think (maybe I'm wrong) that's Orbolt is the better place to share assets.
Even odForce does not seems to have the a specific category to group all shared assets.
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