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I have another Asset available for you based on Ben Watt's Growth Propagation Tutorial.

Here's the tutorial: []

Here's my Video: []

Here's the link to the Asset: []

Once I figure out the Orbolt Store, I'll post it there too.

Feedback please, but first watch the video :-)

Thank you.
with moving to another country, i suddenly left houdini
i will try it!
Hi, thnx for great tutorial.

Is it possible to do growth as shown in below image ?? []
Thanks for your kind words.

You can't control the area of growth directly on an object, but a workaround would be to have a second object, in the shape you want, that only has the required polygons, and generate the growth on that. Just hide the object itself in render.

Unzip the attached C4D scene, and drag a copy of the asset in the root folder, and then open the C4D file to see what I mean.

Does that make sense?

My bad,
I m trying to do fx as shown in below video link without using Texture/Color method. (i.e Emit particle from only Edge area of growth propagation) [] []
This asset is not designed to do that type of effect.

Hello noseman
I'm trying to download your asset Network Cover 01A but the link seems to be dead. Could you repost it please?
Should be available again.
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