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Jake Rice2
Not sure if anyone has posted this (i did a search, but didn't find anything), but I use this super super simple setup to convert the thinking particles Houdini generates, into X-Particles. This is useful if you want to use a trail object from X-Particles, or any of the other nifty things X-Particles has to offer.

How to use it: Load up your HDA and find the total number of particles that are going to be generated in your thinking particle settings, and use that to set the max particles in the xpEmitter. Then in the thinking particle settings find the particle group that contains the particles you brought in from Houdini and drag that into the userdata labeled “TP Group” on the xpSystem. And then bam, you got some sick particle sims going. Make sure to set the TP view type to none, cuz you'll have the X-Particles now for visualization!

Side question for anyone who knows: I read the documentation and i could have just missed a line or 2 but is there any way to import curves in a digital asset? or do those need to be baked using a solution like an FBX?

Robert Glotzbach
Unfortunately curves where not supported for a long time.
I guess its still the same, otherwise there would have been an announcement about it.
But I would be very happy to be wrong here…….

Regards, Robert
Robert is correct.
There is no curve support.
Jake Rice2
gotcha. Maybe giving the particle groups that are connected by curves (using the connect adjacent SOP) unique individual ID's so that when i use the connect straight sequence with the trail generator in XP, they connect up in the same order I initially planned for. Or if there was a way in XP to convert color to groups, but i don't know if that's possible. I'll keep noodling with this Thanks for the help guys!
Good day all, please a quick question, does my knowing houdini mean i dont have to outrightly learn xparticles?
because i feel houdini can be used to achieve what ever it is xparticles can. so do i need to learn xparticles again if i know houdini.
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