Houdini Engine for black magic fusion

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Hey, so i have been playing around with the free software versions that Black Magic has available. . When i realized how much you can do with fusion on its own besides for just compositing, i thought, it would be really cool if it were possible to have houdini Engine as a plugin.

Has anybody looked into that at all? I mean, i don't really expect Side FX to write one anytime soon, but maybe somebody could start hacking on it, at least… or maybe it would be possible to get Blackmagic interested in doing a plugin?? I could really see it being nice if you could be editing hda files at the same time you are compositing your video and your fx, or whatever…

I was also thinking it might be kind of cool for making VR games.. I'm not really into this, but i thought it would be funny if somebody made a “full motion VR” game like those old Full motion video games for the sega CD that everyone loves to pick on “Night Trap”, Sewar Shark, etc. … well anyway, i could see how it would be really intuitive to build the framework for that type of thing in Fusion, and it really does seem like it could support houdini engine, just by looking at its capabilites…

ok. meow
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