Caching Houdini Pyro in Maya

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Hi everyone, I have a pyro simulation in Houdini and I would like to import it into Maya to render in Mental Ray.

I have the cache simulation in an asset and everything runs smoothly with the Houdini Engine,
the problem comes when I cache the fluid and re attach the cache in a new container.

The fluid is visible but the size and position are different,
is there a particular way to cache pyro from the H Engine?

Thank you in advance!
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Just to confirm, this question about exporting an nCache from the output fluid in Maya, and then reattaching the nCache to a new maya fluid container?

There are some differences between a pyro output fluid and a default fluid that attaching a cache doesn't catch - e.g. the pyro fluid uses the temperature grid, sets the size to 1, etc.. Saving an attribute preset off the pyro fluid and then applying it to the new fluid should fix that part. The output fluid's xform is also connected from the asset. If the transform is not animating, the easiest workaround would be to set the transform to match as well. If the transform is animated you'd need to bake out the animation if you were planning on discarding the original asset.

Oh, and you need to turn on autoresize on the new fluid to get it to read the resizing cache correctly (although it seems to write the cache correctly on the output fluid whether or not it's on)
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