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So I had an idea on how to build the string value for this attribute based on the ui selections I make in UI, so that as I am generating multiple meshes from an asset I do not have to manually change the name for each version. This is time consuming and prone to error.

So I setup some string fields in my UI and added some expressions to get a string based on the dropdown selected in the ui.

So imagine I have a dropdown called Arch Style with two values, Arch and Semi.

The expression I wrote is

`arg(“Equi Semi”, chs(“arch_style”))`

Then I used that in the mesh name attribute node. It works great in houdini. I can have multiple expressions in there based on the ui choices I have and the name is created as expected.

Problem is in Unreal engine I either crash when I change a menu item or no geo is outputed.

It would be great if this could work.


I can put together a simple example hda if that would help.
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