Cube (box) not showing in the c4d scene

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Is there a communication problem between houdini and c4d concerning the box or the cube,
(as a box is called a cube in c4d and as a cube is called a box in houdini).
making an asset where i could choose between different primitives inside an hdalc in cinema 4d,
it seems that all prims work except the box / cube. Nothing is shown up in the scene with box selected.
Whether it is selected as a polygon polygon mesh or whatever options given in houdini.
It works weel for all the other prims, i can transform, change the type from poly to mesh add divisions and so.

the attached file is 16.0.633 for c4dr19.

thanks for your feedback,


super-primitive.hdalc (28.7 KB)

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if I load your asset in Houdini I get an error on the Box. And the box won't show in Houdini either
It's an issue with the parameter interface and the links to the Box parameters.
Nothing to do with C4D and the Engine
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