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Full Version: Whitewater to Cinema 4d?
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Hello! I'm trying to get a FLIP simulation with Whitewater foam, over to Cinema 4d.
The FLIP simulation transfers nicely as a mesh in an alembic file, but I'm a bit lost as how to get the Whitewater to render. It does import Thinking Particles, but I don't understand how to get them rendered.

I'm sure this can be done but I must say that the steep learning curve has got the best of me at this point.

Any and all suggestions are greatly apprechiated.
To render Thinking particles in the most basic way, you need to add a “Particle Geometry” Object, from the “Simulate->Thinking Particles” menu, right click on it to add a “Render” Tag from the “Hair” submenu, and then a Hair material.
You control the size of each dot by changing the Hair thickness in the Hair material.
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