Import subtnwork geometry into other networks

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I'm currently working on a scene where I import and fbx file wich I want to move to a geometry network wich I can't.

I can't the way to do what I need.

Is there a way to use de data of the subtnetwork to work in other neteorks (geometry, dop, sop, etc.)?

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And why not use the an “object merge” node to grab geo/data from anywhere ?
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Use a blank/geo with an object merge inside,
Then in the “object”:

I assume inside your subnet you have multiple objects… so in the object field you need to:

1. write “/obj/subnet2/*” in the Object Merge to merge all geo available inside the subnet
2. create a bundle and put manually the subnet geos then use “@mybundle” in the Object Merge
3. create an smart bundle using a filter “Object:Geometry Only” using /obj/subnet2/* as the pattern. Doing so you will merge only the geos
4. I assume you can create a group too, but I don't know this workflow much
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