Configuring $HIP when importing HDA to UE4

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Is there any way to configure $HIP when importing HDA to UE4? Currently it's set to the editor binaries folder. I'd like it to be the same as the hip file folder.
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$HIP is by default set to wherever Houdini was started, and in the case of the Unreal plugin, since HE is started by Unreal, it's automatically set to the editor binary folder.
$HIP gets overriden everytime you load/save a HIP file, but HE doesn't allow you to load/save hip files.
(the “save Houdini Scene” option is mainly just for debugging.)

When using HDAs in Unreal, I'd strongly advise against using $HIP for any path.
If you want to use an env var for paths, you could be using $JOB instead, and set $JOB in your environment file.
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