Env variable for Gallery Manager Path

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Is there an env variable to set additional path to the Gallery Manager?
We need it to source a shared folder on our network.

I know I can make a symlink in
that points to the shared folder but I prefer to use variables when they are available.

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from the houdini shell command hconfig -ap

    Specifies the search path to the directory that contains the gallery
    files. If this variable is not set, Houdini looks in the gallery
    subdirectories of the standard search path, which includes
    $HFS/houdini/gallery/, for example. Gallery files specify the
    predefined parameter values for any node type, much like the
    presets. However, they are used predominantly for defining shaders
    and materials.

    Default path: '@/gallery'
        Where @ is replaced with HOUDINI_PATH
    Directories searched (in order) are:
        1) "$HFS/houdini/gallery"
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