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Hello guys!

A newbie needs some help in exporting particles from Houdini (I am using 16.5 version) to C4D R19. I've searched through the internet for some tuts on how to do it but found nothing :< Even though I learned how to export some Volume, where it comes to particles, I feel completely lost.

I've attached my project file and I need to export output of COLOR_SOURCE node to a file which can be used in C4D for creating a composition with growing particles.

Just in case, I was following this sir's tutorial ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SiVAv_bJhyU [www.youtube.com] ). despite the fact that this tutorial is great, it is rendered through Houdini render engine, but I work with Octane in Cinema and want to use some of its cool features.

Any guidance or help on how to achieve this goal would be much appreciated :pray:

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I've used alembic caches to send particles to C4D the past.

The ROP node ‘alembic’ or SOP ‘rop_alembic_output’ can generate alembic data files.
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