Scattering Trees and Details on Unity Terrain

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I've been using Houdini (using regular hdas and PDG) to scatter prefabs with the unity_instance attribute on Unity terrain, but as you would expect, scattering 100 000+ prefabs in a Unity scene brings it to its knees because it create so many game objects in its scene hierarchy.

I was wondering if it would be possible to output data from Houdini Engine right into the Unity Terrain TerrainData [], so that the points we output get picked up by Unity's native terrain.
This way, we would more efficiently scatter trees and details on terrain, and we could even use the regular painting tools to add/remove some scattered objects.

I know some plugins on the asset store like Map Magic [] are able to spawn trees and grass, so I hope we can do the same kind of things with all the Houdini power behind it

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That is something I can investigate. Please submit an RFE for it.

In the mean time, I wonder if you can try grouping your assets instead of creating them as individual trees (so instance sets of trees). One (experimental?) feature that Unity blogged about was hierarchical LODs which might help with something like this as well, though I don't think its supported natively yet.
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it's so simple to do the thing with unity tree prefab in terrain ( you can use tree prototype to convert your data to unity standard tree prefab) check out Houdini unity plugin doc in below link it will give you the base idea of that []
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