Does the generic command server use licences?

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I’m wondering if the generic server will require a licence of any kind, or if it can be used to execute pure python / shell commands on another node without a licence cost.

I’m thinking that this might be a means to get around the current latency we experience in submitting large numbers of shell commands to the deadline scheduler. I’d like to use it to execute sequential upload and download operations to cloud storage via shell commands / python commands, hopefully avoiding any licence usage.

Also, I couldn’t see any examples of the generic server being able to execute basic shell commands. Must it use python or is this somehow possible?

Thanks if you could let me know! []
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Generic Server need not use a license - it's designed to run any kind of server that can host an RPC interface to be used by the sendcommand node.

Also it doesn't need to execute python, it's up to the server to execute the script that is sent. For example the maya server can execute MEL code as well as python code inside Maya.

We don't have any examples of such a custom server to direct you to unfortunately, the easy way would be to subclass pdgjob.genericrpc.GenericPythonHandlerAPI, as is done in pdgjob.mayarpc.
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