Python Automatization: PDG Network and ROP Fetch Nodes to set custom output folders

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through hython I start houdini with a script that reads out environment variables and the configures my hip file with custom input and output values.
Setting the input value for the file node works perfectly, although setting the sopoutput parameter of the ROP FBX Output does not get recognized by the TOP Network ROP Fetch node.

The script looks like this:

    hou.hipFile.load(hipfile, ignore_load_warnings=True)

    inputNode = hou.node("/obj/Slice/FILE_INPUT")

    outputNode = hou.node("/obj/Slice/PDG_ROP_OUT_PATCH_UDIM")
    parm = outputNode.parm("sopoutput")
    parm.set(os.path.join(outputDir, "PatchesH/" + fileName + "_patch_`@outputName`_udim.fbx"))

    outputNode = hou.node("/obj/Slice/PDG_ROP_OUT_SPLIT_LOW")
    parm = outputNode.parm("sopoutput")
    parm.set(os.path.join(outputDir, "SplitsH/" + fileName + "_split_`@outputName`_low.fbx"), follow_parm_reference=True)

    pdgNode = hou.node("obj/RENDER/fbx_patches_udim")
    pdgNode.executeGraph(False, True, False)

The prints of the parm.RawValue() are perfectly correct. Although when I run pdgNode.executeGraph() the files are saved to their old destination that was initially saved in the hip file.

Is there any Update() function to call on the ROPFetch node to get the newest parameter value?
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I have the same questions with you, I have to cook nodes in TOP network one by one manually, it will update
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