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Please, I need a step be step explanation of how to export a Camera & target from C4D to Houdini.
Everytime I import the Ablemic file into Houdini, I only get an Ablemic node called camera, but no camera!
I changed my units from meter to centimeter, and adjusted scale to .01. Not sure if this is correct either.
What am I doing wrong???
Please explain step be step.

I'm creating an ocean flyover of a vessel on a large scale so I thought I would marry the model with the ocean in post.
Houdini is really struggling if I bring everything into Houdini to the point where I can't navigate the camera properly.
My system is strong, 128gb ram, dual Quadro P5000's, Threadripper 1950 blah, blah, blah…

Obviously it's all human error!

Thank you.
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