The dividable output of For-Loop with Feedback

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I am trying to create an HDA consisting of many object nodes and every object node(geo) is part of the whole one. In my plan, there is a “For-Loop with Feedback” at the geo-level. And for every loop, the output is supposed to be at the obj-level, which means the output of every loop is dividable at the obj-level. The only way I can think of is to use a Python node in the loop to create a ObjectMerge node at the geo of every object. But I got the wrong result that every object is the same since the parm “objpath1” of ObjectMerge is the same as well. (Note: the Block Begin node is set to “Fetch piece or point”)
How can I fix it up or there exists a better way? Please tell me.

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You can start by posting a simple hip file
As you are saying you Block Begin is for each piece, yet topic says with Feedback, so it's better to see what exact state your scene is in

But overall the easiest is if after loop you have geo with a @name attrib or just packed primitives for each piece
Then in Object Merge you can specify group using @name attribute or directly the primitive number
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