Karma licence changes

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For Karma I will wait for more features (post processing, esp. bloom/glare etc.) but in my opinion the daily builds are worth it, there have been other improvements and bug fixes and at least I haven't had any problems with them so I can recommend them

Of course as my sig says I only do 3D for fun so IF some daily build causes problems, it is not disaster for me but for some big production it can be so you need to consider that but as said so far dailys have been positive each time

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The Logo is gone from the renders in .309. Now I don't know if this is a bug or a feature but the render size seems limited to 1024*540. I use the renderproduct LOP to set the size (for prman23).

Edit: And Karma STILL has the logo on renders.

do you still have houdini logo on renders? I´m having this problem with 431 here…
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