Triggering sync asset after button press?

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Is there a way to trigger a ‘Sync Asset’ after a button is pressed on the HDA?

Eg: I have 5 input path fields and 1 populate button.
In the first input path I point to a model file on disk.
Then I want to press the populate button and it scans that same directory for the other 4 models and puts their paths into the input path fields. I can do this in python with a callback script that is a definition that lives on the digitial asset.

^^ I have all this working, but after pressing the ‘populate’ button, it does not update the information in the input path fields. Only after pressing the ‘Sync Asset’ button will it update the fields.

So is there a way to trigger a ‘Sync Asset’ after my button is pressed?
'Auto Sync Outputs' does not help

I can build an example asset if that helps.
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Hi Peter. Could you please attach a simple HDA so that I can be sure I'm looking into your exact use case?
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