Developing research with Houdini SDK w/ Node.js

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Hi all,

For a research project we are intending to integrate Houdini Education Engine API calls into a project currently largely written in Node.js and C++. We're therefore hoping to build a Node.js binary module (using Node.js' C API) that links to the Houdini Engine SDK. We've built quite a few binary node modules like this before, but are having a little trouble getting a minimal example to work for Houdini. It's a roadblock we can't figure out how to get past, so we hope you don't mind us asking here.

Currently the build is fine and launches without linker errors, but on calling HAPI_Initialize we are getting a MSVC runtime crash with `Fatal Python error: PyThreadState_Get: no current thread`; Probably we've missed something very obvious somehow, but digging through the forums & elsewhere didn't illuminate how to go forward.

I guess what would be great is an example of minimal example code (and more importantly, build instructions!) that we could compare to, particularly for porting necessary compiler/linker settings from Make or whatever to the node-gyp build system. A case of not knowing where to look for that!

FWIW our current minimal code and build files are in []

Kind wishes,

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What version of houdini and what platform are you using? Ensure you don't have any PYTHON* environment variables set and there's no possibility of a different version of python libs being loaded by Houdini.
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