Issue accessing context options inside a 'For each' block

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Hi everyone !

I am having a hard time trying to use the ‘For each’ LOP.
In the attached example scene, I am trying to perform a nested iteration : over all the model variants of all the components present on my stage.

On both of the ‘For each end’ LOPs, I rename the iteration variables to prevent any conflict. The loop does occur, but I fail to correctly edit the current iteration's context options via a ‘Python script’ LOP. As the documentation suggests, I am trying to extract the current primitive's name from its full path.

To debug, I write some of the current context options as the metadata of a newly-created primitive from inside the loop.

Please help!


PS: I am running a Houdini Core Version 18.0.532 license.

03_00_foreach.hip (325.2 KB)
20200910__solaris_loop_LOPnetwork.png (147.6 KB)

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Does this response help you at all? []
jason iversen, pipeline technology supervisor @ weta digital
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