splitPointsByVertexAttributes with Packed geometry

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Hi, I'm having some issues marshalling data from an HDA that has packed geometry as its output. I use HAPI_CookOptions.splitPointsByVertexAttributes = true, which works perfectly for unpacked geometry. However, when the part is packed and I query the P (N, uv, …) attributes I get as many Points as there are Vertices.

I have test geometry: cube with 8 points with some of them having different vertex attribute values, so I expect 14 point attributes (after split). This is indeed the result I get after calling HAPI_GetAttributeInfo on unpacked geometry or when I use the Vertex Split node in Houdini. But when I do the exact same thing on a Part I get from HAPI_GetInstancedPartIds I get 36 point attributes. Even when I use the Vertex Split node before packing the geometry in Houdini I still get 36 point attributes.

If I set splitPointsByVertexAttributes field set to false I get 8 points for both packed and unpacked geometry, which is expected.

Am I doing something wrong here? Should the splitPointsByVertexAttributes work for packed geometry too? I am using Houdini 18.0.460.

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