Forcing a recook inside an Unreal Sequencer (UE 4.26, HE v2)

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Hi, I realise this may be a strange thing to attempt, but here goes.

I'm building a simple installation and hoping to use the Unreal Sequencer like this:

-My HDA is all setup in Unreal. It's static and looks good.
-The HDA loads external data through a python script inside Houdini which calls data from a website. It's all working well.
-If I hit recook in the object properties in Unreal, my HDA updates just as it should. It takes about 3 seconds

-So what I want to do is have the sequencer playing back in a 60 second loop. At the start of each loop I want it to recook the HDA.
-I can hide it while it recooks, that's not a problem.
-If I simply transform the HDA inside the Unreal sequencer, Unreal does recook the object, but for some reason it doesn't force it to source new data and the HDA doesn't actually update.

Here are a few things that may work if I knew Unreal better.

-I could somehow tell the sequencer to properly recook the HDA (the same as hitting Recook in the object properties of the HDA.)
-If I could tell the sequencer to change the HDA's only exposed parameter (a string which the user types in.)

So is it possible to access these controls inside the sequencer?

Would this be better served, or even possible, using Blueprint instead?

My fear is that this sort-of-runtime approach is simply not possible with Houdini Engine in Unreal. But I really hope it is, as everything else works really well.

Thanks for any suggestions, and I apologise for my complete ignorance in the Unreal world. It's all new to me.


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