WIP - Biome Tools In Unreal [Game Art]

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Hey All!

I am making a vegetation tool based on a non-destructive process. It can adjust parameters and run in the engine editor.

Most of the work has been completed. There are still some features in production.

This is a huge project, the tool consists of three parts, 10+ HDAs.

Part 1: Layer processing

Support editor tool input:
  • Brush Use the editor's landscape material (Done)
  • Spline(WIP)
  • StaticMesh&BSP&etc..(WIP)

  • Height field (done)
  • Brush layer (done)
  • Features layer (done)
  • Pattern layer (WIP)
  • Noise layer (WIP)

  • The calculation, merging, and output between layers can be realized in the editor, and vex expressions are supported at the same time. (done)
  • Layers are visualized in the editor (WIP)
  • Multi-tile parallel processing (WIP)

Part 2: Parameter List Set

  • Separate the parameter list from the main program, and each parameter list can be serialized. (done)
  • Generate vegetation on a variety of objects, currently only landscape is supported(done)
  • Support multiple object input, and support weight (done)
  • Support self-collision and collision detection with other "populations" (done)
  • Support multiple mask removal (done)
  • Support minor adjustments to the layer, such as blur, expand, shrink(done)
  • Support material influence (WIP)
  • Support Terrain Impact (WIP)
  • Support for generating vegetation on staticmesh(WIP)
  • Support for generating vegetation on curves and single points(WIP)

Part 3: Main program

  • Based on PDG, support multi-tile generation. (done)
  • Support multi-parameter list input. (done)
  • Optimize import layer settings(done)
  • Optimize cook speed (WIP)
  • Support decoding of all mask parameters (WIP)

This is the result of the current work

I have completed most of the work from the 20th to now, and tested the stability.I am not sure that all the work can be completed before the 30th, but the stability of the new tools will be maintained.

I really feel that sidefx provides such a great software that allows me to realize my ideas!
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Some features have been updated.

Some layer editing parameters were removed, and a pattern layer and a noise layer were newly added.

At the same time, it can support input spline and staticmesh, these inputs will generate new masks, which are used to generate vegetation.

Now it is possible to grow vegetation on staticmesh and spline, not limited to heightfield.

There is still some work to be done on the vegetation on staticmesh and spline.

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This is very nice tool, thanks... and and could you also tell me what song you used in the final video? Very cool choice!
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