labs exoside node not working

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Hi, sorry that my first post here is asking for help . But maybe someone can help me with this.
I recently bought the 'labs' Exoside quadremesher node from But when I try to use the license manger it keeps giving this error.

I tried it on other machines and there is works fine. I reinstalled Houdini completely on my pc but the problem stayed the same.

I contacted Exoside, they suggested to download the hda directly from the Exoside site and use that hda. I did that, but the problems stayed the same. I also tried older versions of the hda/Houdini and labs.
At the moment I am on the latest labs version and latest Houdini production build (19.0.498).

I also read some people experiencing this on older windows version so I also updated windows 10 to the latest version.

But none of my attempts worked. If someone has an idea let me know.


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