Houdini 18.5 Grains to Unreal 4.27 and 5

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I'm trying out grains for a simulation and would like to bring that to Unreal.

I created my sim using vellumconstraints_grain and the vellum solver. It was easy to control and get the result I wanted. Outputting with geometry on each point using copytopoints is too heavy to bring into UE. It fails to import the alembic.

I need to convert the data so that it can be exported using the Labs Niagra ROP. Currently no file is written out when I try that, because the data is just point data. If I test with particles, the Niagara ROP works, so I need to convert my points to a form that the Niagara ROP will understand. How can I do that?

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Adnan Hussain
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Any luck with this? I'm trying to do the same thing
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