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Dear All,

I'm working on a TOP node that shuffles the order of the frames in a sequence and renders it in this shuffled order. (First the 'reference frames', while the rest of the frame list is 'binary diced'). I would like to render these frames on a Deadline farm. The logic is there, it works, renders the frames in this shuffled order, but I got two issues that stops me to enter the node into production:

1. Deadline shows the frame number wrong. On my work item both the `pdg_frame` and the `frame` attrib is set to the correct value. Yet Deadline Monitor seems to use the `index` for the frame number. I use the `index` attrib to force my render order, so that is obviously wrong. Is there a better way to force an arbitrary render order than using `index`? And/or is there a way to explicitly tell Deadline what frame number to display instead of `index`?

2. When I press MMB on the work items after generation I got: `Error: Unable to get Deadline task report due to lack of job or task id for this work item. Check Deadline Monitor.` After cooking I got: `Error: Unable to get Deadline task report for task 6 of job 624c2eccd06d632b88bdb8bb. Check Deadline Monitor.` After cooking it's also pretty slow to show the info window of the work item and this phenomenon makes Houdini pretty unstable. What do I do wrong here?

Do I miss some documentation that I need to read?

Thanks in advance,
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