usual licensing problem

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I tried to install a 18.5.532 version (because I need to run an older version of Redshfit to use old scenes) and my licenses don't work anymore.

the diagnostic says this :

Can retrieve Yes
Available Entitlements:
No entitlements found. This can be caused by hkey not
updating its entitlements since they have been available.

Entitlements for licenses on another server:
These are entitlements that are tied to the current account but
cannot be redeemed using the current licensing configuration.
This is usually the case for modification entitlements
(i.e. UPGRADE entitlements) that apply to a license not installed
on the currently connected license server.

Anybody can help me on this ?
All was working fine on 18.5.732.
I tried to uninstall all versions of Houdini. I returned all licenses, etc. Nothing work.

Many thx.

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Would just email support, they're usually quite fast about licensing issues.
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I am in exactly same situation... How did you resolved this?
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