Found Wood Photogrammetry Scan
My father used to collect interesting pieces of wood, clean them and sometimes carve them and polish them to reveal some naturally pleasing forms. In this case he only cleaned off the dirt and debris very delicately. I felt I had to document this object as it is quite fragile and unique.
This is my first successful attempt at photogrammetry so far. This is a challenging subject for a number of reasons, it’s delicate, complex, doesn’t stand up very well, there is detail on all sides worth capturing and there were no good lighting conditions to capture it in. Agisoft reconstructed the object surprisingly well however there was a still a lot of manual patching required, I did this and all the mesh processing except for UV mapping in Houdini and rendered using 3Delight.
There are some areas in which some detail was lost and textures are blurred but overall I'm pretty happy with the result considering the difficulty of the object and conditions. I've learned a lot from this process that will help improve and speed up my scanning workflow in the future.


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