Bricks Builder

Bricks builder or as I like to call it "Brickfy" is a new tool that takes advantage of the amazing Chain sop introduced in Houdini 18.5 to convert any object "in theory" into stacked bricks.

Tool's features:
- Automatically divide and prepare any object according to the brick size.
- Distribute bricks "any kind of models" randomly, cycle or by percentage.
- Randomly displace bricks in and out.
- Colors, materials and render "Redshift" are prepared.

Things to be noted:
- It contains the secret of building the pyramids.
- Houdini 18.5 and above is needed.
- It fails with hard angles, it will not form a perfect angle all the times, but works great with curves.
- It doesn't fill each section %100, because it doesn't stretch the bricks so you might notice some gaps.


Kindest Regards
Alaa Al Nahlawi



My name is Alaa Al Nahlawi ( علاء النحلاوي ) from Syria with more than ten years of experience which spread over multiple graphic design fields, and I love what I do.I like to consider myself as a VFX TD, it turns out that setting things on fire or wreck themdown is one of my hobbies, additionally I really enjoy solving problems. I mainly work with Houdini and 3ds max they are my bread and butter.

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