River Flip Sim

A more refined and detailed version of a test I created earlier.

Sim time: 2h on i9 7940X only for the flip sim, iso surface and white water simulation was calculated on the fly while rendering so you can add another 2h for this.

Render (Redshift): 2-5min per frame on 1070&1080
Ram usage: it reached 92GB

I had to do almost 5-10 tests for both simulation and rendering until I achieved this final result, oh man our specialty needs alot of patience and hardware power.
I still have some flickering going here and there tried to clean them in comp.



My name is Alaa Al Nahlawi ( علاء النحلاوي ) from Syria with more than ten years of experience which spread over multiple graphic design fields, and I love what I do. I like to consider myself as a VFX TD, it turns out that setting things on fire or wreck them down is one of my hobbies, additionally I really enjoy solving problems. I mainly work with Houdini and 3ds max they are my bread and butter.

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