Humps in the Graden

,,Humps in the Garden” cover image for the same name short movie. More at

Some of complex houses made in Maya and a lot of them (simple ones) were made procedurally Houdini. Stone shader used a lot to give a stone dry look and above that I projected textures made in Photoshop. A lot of everything, experimenting and learning than cleaning and developing the forms and atmosphere.

I’m using Zbrush a lot in my daily work. For this image it was used for creating separate mountain parts, strong forms, displacement maps and quick textures. It’s as usually pleasure work in it.

Weird plant at the left is one from Hieronymus Bosh world. Rest hints i leave to the viewer.

At the beginning idea was to build daily scene. Somewhere in the process changes were made and more interesting colors and contrast values won.

After rendering and combining complex geometries in to one part, scene was reduced to one geometry and one camera projection. Result was light scene and simplicity which helped a lot in rendering a sequence.


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