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Baking Multiple Objects with Karma / GeoSubset issues 2024年7月22日18:21

I'm trying to use Karma to bake but I want to bake multiple objects (that are already atlased)

Using this for how to bake - []

It doesn't seem like it works for multiple object by default though?

I'm now trying a sop edit where I'm combining USD objects and trying to output them into a new USD that has them combined but I'm struggling to get multiple materials on geometry subsets working in USD though.

You can see the setup is two different USD prims get combined into one so they can be baked together, however I can't maintain the material seperation while keeping them a single prim mesh, I think I need to use geosubset but I can't seem to get it working.

I tried shop_materialpath as well as usdmaterialpath

Any tips would be really appreciated!

H20.5 viewport much slower compared to H20 or H19 2024年7月12日3:15

Is it just me or does the new vulkan viewport not show VDB SDF surfaces by default? I don't know if there is a way to turn them on. Going to try going back to the openGL viewport.

World Space Displacement with MaterialX? 2024年1月31日4:06

This was a bit of a tough one for me, but I think I figure out how to do world space displacement in MaterialX without using anything outside of the spec.

Trick is to use dot products instead of matrix.

Take your world space vector (Wind Direction in my case) and then do a dot with tangent, bitangent and normal and combine into a vector. This seems to work well so far.

Hope this helps someone else because this too me way too long to figure out! Thanks!