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Dune Solver 2021年10月13日12:08

Scientifically accurate Dune Solver that models the way dunes naturally form. Written in OpenCL this solver runs extremely fast. Clients include NASA for Mars & Climate change research. Tutorial videos on my youtube, and feel free to request more.

Now available on Orbolt

Thank you!

Time to dump Orbolt? 2021年8月25日1:03

+1 Bumping this.

Orbolt is a great idea, but a dated implementation.

I'd love to see SideFX give it love in several ways:

Update the website so it doesn't feel so dated, I know this seems purely cosmetic but unfortunately I think it makes a difference when users are comparing buying assets from Gumroad or Artstation then you see Orbolt... and it just comes across as almost abandoned. Please look at other modern digital stores, I like artstation & gumroad a lot, epic marketplace as well.

Needs a way for sellers to easily refund users (maybe I missed it?)

I also find it harder to prepare & sell an asset on orbolt than gumroad, even an HDA. If I sell on gumroad I can package a zip file with anything, multiple hip files, hda's, pdf documentation etc. With Orbolt I have to do things like stip the HDA version number because Orbolt gets confused and will think a different asset version is a different asset. I couldn't get the orbolt tools built into houdini to even work.

Maybe I'm missing it but it also doesn't seem like there is an easy way to edit an orbolt listing. I had listed three videos on my Orbolt page and it ordered them last to first on the asset page. I wanted to change the order so edited the page and it acts like you are uploading a new asset version.


All that said, I think it would really be best if SideFX takes an approach like valve does with steam - let us upload & sell assets with orbolt, handle the licence conversions and licensing.... but also give us asset keys like steam does to allow us to sell orbolt managed & hosted assets though other asset stores such as artstation & gumroad.

Steam does this and it has only helped them because it ensures that even if you can do all your own promotion, hosting etc. you still might as well put it on steam and sell steam keys because valve doesn't even get a cut from a steam key.

I think sidefx / houdini & orbolt are a perfect use case for this steam / steam key type approach.

Thank you for reading!

Getting lots of crashes with the Labs Map Baker 2021年6月26日19:23

Crashing on me half the time when I make the node visible and half the time when I try to render with it.
I'm kind of at a loss. Usually it says it's a segmentation fault.

updated graphics card drivers and increased the TdrDelay and TdrDdiDelay to 240 each.

I filed a bug report but I hoping to find a solution asap so posting here as well incase anyone has other suggestions to try.
Any one have other ideas please? Thanks!