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Skeletal Mesh LODs FBX 2020年9月17日11:48

Also, it appears that the LODs are brought in according to which order they are wired into the LODGroup null, rather than by the name of the LOD geometry obj. Copying and pasting this setup seems to reverse this order as well, so I have had to unwire and rewire in the correct order several times.

Skeletal Mesh LODs FBX 2020年9月7日16:19

Since I have only been working with rigid body skeletons, the rig has consisted of a geo chunk parented to a null that has its animated transforms. Because the LOD export system is based on obj level nodes, this simple solution doesnt work. The regular static mesh LOD solution WILL work for skeletal meshes if you are using a more traditional rig with a weighted mesh.

Skeletal Mesh LODs FBX 2020年9月7日10:35

I cant find a way to get it to work within the same export like the static mesh.
The only way i have found thus far is to export separate meshes and import the LODs individually in UE. This obviously works, but is a bit tedious and doesnt scale well.
Also with this method you have to name the exported mesh the same at the obj level.