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HSITE variable not being picked up 2023年5月25日4:36

I have the following line in my houdini.env:

HSITE = "D:/Dropbox/Houdini_Site"

In that folder I have the following structure:

--- (various HDAs in here)

However, when I load up Houdini, none of the HDAs are accessible. The HSITE variable also doesn't appear in the variables panel (Edit->Aliases and Variables...->Variables).

What am I doing wrong?
It seems like the HSITE variable is not being recognized by Houdini. One possible solution is to check if the houdini.env file is being read correctly by Houdini. Make sure that the path to the houdini.env file is correct and that the syntax of the file is correct.

Another possible solution is to check if the HSITE variable is defined correctly. You can try defining the variable in the Houdini shell and see if it gets recognized. To do this, open the Houdini shell and type the following command:

set HSITE="D:/Dropbox/Houdini_Site"

If the variable gets recognized, then the issue might be with the houdini.env file. If not, then the variable might not be defined correctly. In that case, make sure that the path to the Houdini_Site folder is correct and that there are no typos in the variable definition.

I exported this mesh from Houdini with UV and vertex colors 2023年5月25日4:34

I exported this mesh from Houdini with UV and vertex colors. C4D reads it correctly, but when I try to use it on octane, it's not reading it right. Did anyone face the same issue? Any help is very appreciated, thanks!