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WIP - venetian blind - jalousie [Houdini Utility] 2021年10月6日14:06

i ran out of time and the hda i send in was without help and icon.
I also did not send in the HDA that was modified for UE (i forgot).

To start with i made an icon:

Best Game Art Asset Entries 2021年9月30日14:52

Jalousie or Venetian Blind HDA

This is a fully procedural modelled and fully functional venetian blind hda.


open, close and tilt
I have also experimented with handles to adjust the width in UnrealEngine as you can see in the short clip.

procedural modelling all this can be adjusted:

number of slats (length of blind)
position of the strings
width of the blind

This HDA creates all parts packed, with orient attributes, so you can easily replace them with custom objects the way you want them modelled. Be it for a rbd destruction or a low poly game asset. To instance millions of slats. Or for a funky mograf effect.

The main use case is maybe archviz, but i think games like “Hitman” or “Cyberpunk2077” for example could also do with venetian blinds. And obviously venetian blinds also blow up nicely! And they drop nice shadows.

I plan to “sell” this in the UE Marketplace…

https://youtu.be/hVFARayuFUU [youtu.be]

WIP - venetian blind - jalousie [Houdini Utility] 2021年8月31日11:07

I just set the category to as it is not about aesthetics and apparently game assets are judged on that.