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UV Flatten In Houdini 16 2017年6月28日19:01

Thanks for the feedback.
I meant, if i keep trying to select all prims and type enter several times then it crashes.
It happens 2 times out of many.

Houdini 16 Render Region 2017年6月28日18:58

Ah-ha! I think that might be the reason

Houdini 16 Render Region 2017年6月27日18:46

Another technical problem of Houdini 16 I encountered…
I began to suspect if there is some problem with my hardware…

Render Region window does not match with viewport. It is off as shown on the attached image.

I am working on
Houdini FX (apprentice version)
build 16.0.633
Lenovo Thinkstation P500
Intel Xeon E5-1630V3 @3.7GHz
nVidia Quadro M4000
32Gb RAM