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Karma caustics 2020年6月19日17:18

It would actually be really nice if a VCM-style integrator to sample Specular->Diffuse->Specular paths (like Renderman currently does) was on the horizon for Karma, since it handles these types of scenarios very efficiently.

Motion blur with changing topology? 2020年5月8日5:47

In any situation where you need to have deformation motion blur, and the geometry changes between frames, you can usually modify the the geo so the topology remains consistent from shutter-open to shutter-close (typically 0.25 to +0.25 from center-frame). Assuming the geometry has some kind of consistent ID across the frame, I typically just use a timeshift with a round($FF)-0.25 to grab the geo at shutter open, and then attribcopy the from the true interpolated position (matching by id) any points that end up deleted mid-frame just remain at the shutter-open position (which is typically acceptable, though you can make it hold to the last-sampled mid-frame position too if you use a for loop with termination).

I've used this on many shows requiring highly non-linear motion on particle systems.

for loop boundry 2015年11月12日15:37

I can't stand the new loops in VOPs. It feels much more awkward to work with and I can't do simple things like associate floating node sets with a loop block without having to connect it to an input.

I wish they at least kept the old way of doing things. I feel like I keep having to do stupid stuff to make Houdini happy than working the way I want to.