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Maximum Resolution of Karma renderer in .303? 2022年9月9日15:57

The workaround you linked was for a different issue
So I would still suspect you run into a memory issue with your production scene.. you could, to narrow this down a bit, turn off the optix device for rendering for a moment, to force XPU into CPU-only mode and see if your render still dies.

So CPU seems to work for a 9k x 16k render (for at least about 5 mins, I terminated after that). It used about 44 / 45 gb RAM to do so.

However, XPU performance appears to have degraded a fair bit with this build: I cannot render at 8k or 7k. At 6k (x 10667), I'm told the GPU v ram is about 16gb (of 45gb) usage and system ram is about 31gb. See screenshot.

The fact that the there's no GPU memory scaling to speak of suggests there's something wrong. The complexity of the implementation _could_ be so bad that a ~25% increase in resolution results in 2.5x memory usage, but I don't think that would be the case. Especially as GPU usage never actually goes above 16gb before the process is terminated. Windows is managing the page file and there's still a hundred or more GBs free, so that's not the issue.

Maximum Resolution of Karma renderer in .303? 2022年9月9日14:55

It's a bug that has since been fixed.

You can either use a recent daily build or if that's not possible for you, you can do the workaround described in this post:

https://www.sidefx.com/forum/topic/86269/#post-373033 [www.sidefx.com]

I've updated to .368, however, the scene rendering still fails when I increase resolution beyond (12444 x 7000). The workaround you linked was for a different issue, however, I was unable to attempt it since the (locked) karmarendersettings node has no flag to 'unlock' it and the subnet has no 'red node at the bottom' to speak of.

Where can I go to confirm that this bug was indeed fixed?

Maximum Resolution of Karma renderer in .303? 2022年9月9日3:17

What is the maximum resolution of the Karma XPU render engine? It appears it is not (merely) a function of GPU RAM and scene size: A scene at one resolution (12444 x 7000) peaks out at about 16GB GPU RAM during render (of 48GB available). Increasing the resolution even slightly causes the background render process to abruptly die after a few seconds.

Is there a configuration flag somewhere that increases this limit?