For schools, Houdini gives students a deeper understanding of computer graphics while introducing them to concepts and workflows which can be applied immediately to real-life production scenarios. This creates the perfect tool for learning how to create digital art. Our education program has been designed to save you money by letting you equip your labs with low cost Houdini Education software while students work at home with either the free Houdini Apprentice edition or the limited commercial Houdini Indie edition.

If you are going to learn one 3D package, make it Houdini.  You will not only be on your way to mastering the industry-standard VFX package, you will  have a deep understanding of 3D in general.  Houdini's open, "no black-boxes" approach makes it so you can gain a full understanding of everything in the 3D realm.

by Sean Lewkiw - Lead FX Instructor - Lostboys School of VFX and Senior CG Supervisor Cinesite Montreal

Education Software

While SideFX is best known for its software, equally important is our commitment to the growth of skills in the industry as witnessed by the Houdini Apprentice and Houdini Indie programs, which gives digital artists the chance to build skills and create demo reel content in Houdini.

SideFX also has a dedicated Education edition for use in school labs. This version has more features and integrates well with other software your school may be using. It also gives you access to render tokens and can be used to teach Houdini the right way.

Schools that teach Houdini will be listed on and can apply to become a certified school for a featured position on our website.

Who uses Houdini

Here is a short list of studios and schools who use Houdini on a regular basis:

FILM | Pixar Animation Studios, Blue Sky Studios, Double Negative, Digital Domain, Method Studios, Rodeo FX, Animal Logic, Rising Sun Pictures, Framestore, and Sony Pictures Imageworks.

GAMES | Blizzard Entertainment, Electronic Arts, Guerrilla Games, Frima Studio, Naughty Dog, Microsoft Studios.

EDUCATION | Bournemouth University, Savannah College of Art and Design, Brigham Young University, Lost Boys Schools of VFX, FX Animation.